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Johnathon Bush, a lifelong resident of Toledo, OH attended Grove Patterson Academy and graduated from Central Catholic High School in 2011. At the age of thirteen, Johnathon wanted to work and found out that he was too young. As a kid he had a talent for baking and loved sweets so March of 2006 he put the two together which led to the formation of Not Just Cookies.
Johnathon started his company by sending 20 letters to family and friends letting them know he was starting a cookie business. His company grew by word of mouth and he quickly established a loyal customer base. A year and a half into the business, Johnathon decided to use all natural ingredients and baking stones to create a better product. He also formed a website to attract online customers and allow people to pay via PayPal using credit cards. The NJC website helped to expand his business even more. Not Just Cookies has grown steadily since the start of the company in March of 2006. NJC has shipped products all throughout the state of Ohio, California, Rhode Island, Michigan, Georgia, Colorado, and Minnesota. NJC uses a commercially licensed kitchen to prepare its’ products. The company’s most recent venture is the launching of gourmet, frozen cookie dough available for fundraising. Organizations anywhere in the country can raise money by pre-selling NJC cookie dough.

Johnathon and NJC won many awards including most recently; The Youth Walk of Fame, Food Product Development Contest, the NAACP ACT-SO Award in Los Angeles, CA, and an award finalist in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in NYC at the New York Stock Exchange. The first was for entrepreneurship and the second was for a recipe Johnathon created called Turtle cookies; a chocolate cookie with, caramel, pecans, and chocolate chips.  Johnathon was also one of 20 U.S. Delegates to participate in the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit (G20 YES) this past summer in Mexico City Mexico. The G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit Mexico is a gathering of young entrepreneurs (age 18 – 40) and entrepreneurship-focused organizations from the G20 countries. Over 400 Young entrepreneurs from all G20 countries, gathered in Mexico City to provide valuable input to government leaders to assist in driving sustainable global economic growth, exchange ideas and to foster international partnerships and collaboration.  

Today NJC offers frozen preportioned cookie dough wholesale and for fundraising, as well as many other gourmet specitalty items through fundraisers. 

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